Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Public Forum : Is Malaysian Democracy Moving Forward?


The much anticipated debate between Barisan National and Pakatan Rakyat top guns are now here, hosted by Malaysiakini. Get your passes now at only RM 10!

Topic : Is Malaysian Democracy Moving Forward?
Date : 19 June 2012, Tuesday
Time : 7.30pm
Venue : Kuala Lumpur Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (KLSCAH)
Ticket Price : RM 10


Gan Ping Sieu - Deputy Minister for Youth and Sports (MCA)

Rahman Dahlan - MP for Kota Belud (UMNO)

R. Sivarasa - MP for Subang (PKR)

Mujahid Yusof - MP for Parit Buntar (PAS)

To purchase, you may choose one of the following options:-

Option 1 - Credit card (MOTO) - Over the phone transaction
Please call us at 03-2284 3367 (ext.102) to make immediate transaction by providing us with the following details: Credit card number, Card expiry date, CVV2 code. It is safe, faster and secured. We will then email you the entry pass.

Option 2 - Cash deposit
Proceed to any Maybank nearby to make payment. Bank: Maybank Beneficiary name: Mkini Dotcom Sdn. Bhd. Account No: 5141 7815 3586 Fax: 03-2289 2579 Email: debatkini@malaysiakini.com Please write your email and telephone number and fax us copy of bank slip for reference and verification purposes. Please note that customers can now perform cash deposit through the Cash Deposit Machine (CDM), or ATM transfer. The entry pass will be emailed to you.

Option 3 - Interbank fund transfer (Giro Transfer)
Kindly make the GIRO Transfer to Our Malayan Banking Berhad account. Bank: Maybank Account No: 5141 7815 3586 Fax: 03 2289 2579 Email: debatkini@malaysiakini.com Fax or email us the copy of the confirmation page of the transaction with your contact details. We will then email you the entry pass.

Option 4 - Walk-in to Malaysiakini office
Malaysiakini office address : 48 Jalan Kemuja, Bangsar Utama, 59000 Kuala Lumpur.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

National Forum in Penang

National Forum (Chinese) in Penang titled as “Strike to conquer.. defend to prevail”


Law Choo Kiang - Penang State Exco
Chong Eng - BUKIT Mertajam Member of Parliament
Ng Siew Lai - Gerakan Wanita Chief
Eng Hiap Boon - Former Penang MCA Youth chief

National Forum is a nationwide forum organize by Malaysiakini and MerdekaReview.

Date: 16-2-2012
Time: 8:00pm
Venue: Dewan Persekutuan Alumni Han Chiang Malaysia

No. 2, Lorong Ceri 6, Taman Aman Jaya, Off Jalan Raja Uda, 12300 Butterworth, Penang.

Ps: Contact Mr. Ong (012-7583779) if there is any enquiry regarding location.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

#International Volunteers Week (2-8 Dec): Don’t talk so much-lah

Spot where Snowpiano is in this secondary school photo

Pang Sheue Chyn, fondly known by many people as “Snowpiano” shares her view on volunteerism in an exclusive interview.

Snowpiano / sno-pee-a-no/

Noun: 29-year old female journalist. Studied Science and Technology Management at University Malaya. Worked as an Assistant Editor for Rocket newsletter for 1 year before becoming a journalist with Oriental Daily News for 2 1/2 years.

Verb: Dreams of a world without discrimination, injustice and abuse of power. Dreams of a world with happiness and joy amongst all races in Malaysia. Dreams of a better Malaysia.

Adjective: Reading and writing news on politics ignites the fire in her.

Ka Ea: What got you interested in doing volunteering work?

Snowpiano: I was first exposed to volunteering work after a group of students from the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) came to my school in Kulai during the reformasi period. I was in Form Five then.

The UTM students organised an exhibition on various issues that touched on corruption, independence of our judiciary, rising price of petrol, impact of foreign policies on Malaysia, etc. The students stressed that these were important issues that students need to know about and to be honest, many of us were not aware of it.

Some of us were so troubled by these revelations that we wanted to create similar awareness on other youths.

At the World Peace exhibition in Kulai

Ka Ea: So what did you do to create that awareness?

Snowpiano: I got together with a team of 20 to 30 friends from school to organise a similar exhibition but focussing more on world peace at a shopping centre in Kulai. It was really fun and we learned a lot about how to organise exhibition and various issues such as education, international and national politics.

Ka Ea: D0 you think what you did have an impact at all?

Snowpiano: I’m not sure whether it was a success and whether we achieved what we set out to do since we were too young to assess such things. (Laughs)

Standing, second from the left.

Ka Ea: I’m really amazed and curious. You were really young. Did your school and parents know about this? Were they not worried about your engagement in “political activity” at such a young age?

Snowpiano: We did this on our own initiative. It didn’t involve our school. So, I don’t know what they think about it.

As for my parents, they trusted us and they didn’t object to it and to be honest, they thought it was a school project inspired by a group of university students. So what harm could it do? It was part of learning.

Many of my friends who participated in this activity went on to become politicians, government officials, teachers, NGO workers and journalists. So, I think we turned out not too bad! (Laughs)

Ka Ea: What drives you? Do you choose the type of cause you volunteer for?

Snowpiano: Any issues that affect Malaysians and Malaysia in general, interest me. So, I don’t really pick and choose a cause.

Once, my friends and I organised a camping retreat for drop-out students living in remote villages. Our objective was to create awareness on the importance of education. Education, not just from a classroom perspective. We wanted to impart on these students that even if they were not interested in their studies, they must find other meaningful ways of living their lives. You see, we were saddened by how many of them resorted to gangsterism after they dropped out from schools. We had workshop and counselling sessions with the students and hoped that these would help them to gain some perspectives in life.

I’m still in touch with some of them and am very happy to know that many of them have gone on to become responsible citizens. These are some of the things which drive me to do volunteering work.

Ka Ea: That’s amazing work. How did you mobilise all these youths? And did it cost you a lot to organise these activities?

Snowpiano: We spoke to [the] village heads and some school teachers and asked them for their help to identify the youths.

We also did fundraising on the streets. To be honest, it didn’t cost much. All of us also contributed some [money] from our own pockets. Seriously, people often think it costs a lot to organise activities but if you’re resourceful enough and keep the cost down to what’s necessary, it really doesn’t cost much.

Ka Ea: So, what happened to the “project”? Was there any continuity?

Snowpiano: It’s unfortunate. We wanted to do more but all my friends left Kulai after we graduated from secondary school. It was difficult to get together and continue [the project].

I’ve learned from this that it is important to build a DIY community, such as the one UndiMsia! is trying to achieve. Those who start a project must make sure that they pass on the knowledge and skills to others.

Sustaining a project is a challenge. It’s a waste to stop a good activity from continuing. [We] need to always nurture new people to take over.

Ka Ea: So, how would you encourage youths to do volunteering work? Many seem to think that they must concentrate on their studies and career first before they have the time to do anything else.

Snowpiano: I believe many people do not see the values of volunteerism. In fact, volunteerism can help youths to learn about many things which are useful to their studies and work. For instance, it really helps you to plan, organise and manage your time and work. These are things you can’t learn from a classroom. It helps you to realise your goal and purpose in life. It helps you to be resourceful and find ways of achieving things.

Finally and I think most importantly, it makes you alive. I notice that volunteers tend to be individuals who have passion for life. They have this spirit in them and I think this is wonderful.

Ka Ea: Yes, yes, it all sounds good but why do you think it’s so hard for many organisations to recruit and mobilise volunteers?

Snowpiano: (Ponders for awhile) Honestly? I think we must do away with traditional methods of recruiting volunteers. NGOs must be more result-orientated like the corporate world. The NGO mentality of skimping on money and time can sometimes be counter-productive. Sometimes, it’s important to spend more money and time to invest on fun and innovative activities that will attract volunteers.

I think sometimes, NGOs need to be a bit more “aggressive” and open-minded in their method of engagement. As long as the purpose is good, the method should not a factor. If [they] need to spend money to achieve results, then I think it’s justified.

Ka Ea: So, do you agree that volunteers should be paid?

Snowpiano: If an organisation can afford it, I don’t see why not. At least an allowance to help them cover some cost. But if someone expects to be paid when you ask for their help, then it’s not called volunteering, is it?

Ka Ea: Any last words?

Snowpiano: Errr…. yes. Let’s face it. Most youths are not interested to do volunteering work. I think there’s no point preaching to them about the benefits [of volunteering]. It’s pointless telling them [that] because they all know there is a shortage of volunteers to help out with so many issues in the world.

I think we need to stop talking so much and just get them to volunteer. Once they see the results of their work, it will encourage them to do more. Once they see how their work are affecting others and that they’re part of something, they will automatically volunteer. They must first see the results for themselves.

Ka Ea: So, basically, you’re saying we should all shut up and just do it?

Snowpiano: (Nods her head enthusiastically) Precisely.

On the stage with her friends at a mall in Kulai

Friday, November 18, 2011

Laporan Rakyat - Borang Penilaian MP & ADUN

The Laporan Rakyat is a joint initiative by the CPPS and UndiMsia!, which aims to assist the rakyat in assessing the performance of their current ADUN (Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri) as well as MP and subsequently to encourage critical thinking amongst the rakyat in order to make informed decisions for their own communities. Coupled with workshops on voters’ education, the Laporan Rakyat is part of a bigger voters’ education and election watch campaign embarked by both UndiMsia! and CPPS respectively.

For more information, please contact move@undimsia.com or 03-22011454.

Laporan Rakyat: Inisiatif demokrasi galak fikiran kritis rakyat, kata MP Umno

KUALA LUMPUR, 18 Nov — Projek Laporan Rakyat yang dilancarkan Pusat Kajian Polisi Awam (CPPS) dan UndiMsia! hari ini, satu inisiatif inovasi demokrasi yang dapat meningkatkan dan meluaskan partisipasi rakyat dalam proses politik negara, kata Ahli Majlis Tertinggi Umno Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah.

Laporan Rakyat akan menilai prestasi Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (Adun) dan Ahli Parlimen dan bertujuan untuk menggalakkan pemikiran kritis di kalangan rakyat dan pada masa yang sama melibatkan mereka dalam proses demokrasi.

Projek perintis akan bermula di Parlimen Hulu Langat, yang menyaksikan perubahan pada pilihan raya umum 2008, yang “mencerminkan komposisi geografi, kaum dan agama.”

Kaji selidik itu akan menilai prestasi wakil rakyat selain masyarakat juga digalakkan untuk mengulas tentang isu utama yang berlaku di kalangan mereka.

Saifuddin (gambar) berkata, beliau percaya langkah itu akan membuka lembaran baru komunikasi dua hala antara wakil rakyat dan rakyat.

“Ia dapat membantu wakil rakyat untuk memperbaiki perkhidmatannya manakala rakyat dapat menyampaikan pengharapan terhadap perkhidmatan yang diperlukan daripada wakil rakyatnya,” kata beliau lagi.

Saifuddin, Ahli Parlimen Temerloh berkata, ia juga akan mematangkan demokrasi kerana penilaian terhadap wakil rakyat dibuat secara sistematik dan tidak lagi semata-mata atas persepsi dan sentimen sahaja.

Katanya, sebagai wakil rakyat pertama kali — wakil rakyat kawasan Temerloh, “saya telah memulakan kad laporan saya sejak genap enam bulan pertama saya diamanahkan tugas ini.”

“Saya mengeluarkan kad laporan saya pada setiap enam bulan. Terakhir ialah kad laporan tiga tahun sebagai Ahli Parlimen,” kata Timbalan Menteri Pengajian Tinggi ini.

Saifuddin berkata, kad laporan mengandungi kerja dan pencapaian dalam Enam Bidang Pembangunan Tumpuan, yang digariskan dalam manifestonya semasa pilihan raya umum ke-12 iaitu pendidikan dan latihan, kesihatan dan kecergasan; pekerjaan dan ekonomi, jati diri dan sosiobudaya, partisipasi dan masyarakat sivil serta frasarana dan kemudahan awam.

Katanya, kad laporannya dibentangkan pada mesyuarat Majlis Perundingan Parlimen Temerloh, yang dianggotai 150 orang perwakilan dari sektor kerajaan, perniagaan dan masyarakat sivil untuk mendapatkan maklum balas.

“Ia juga diedar kepada media dan disiarkan dalam laman web saya. Di samping medium-medium ini, kad laporan tiga tahun telah juga diedar dalam bentuk brosur di kawasan Parlimen Temerloh.

“Saya ingin menyertai projek ini kerana ia dapat memperbaiki kad laporan saya yang sedia ada,” katanya lagi.

Kaji selidik itu akan menilai prestasi wakil rakyat selain masyarakat juga digalakkan untuk mengulas tentang isu utama yang berlaku di kalangan mereka.

Laporan Rakyat boleh didapati di laman web UndiMsia! dan CPPS.

Keputusan kaji selidik akan dikeluarkan pada Mac 2012.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Petik dari laman Loyarburok:

Inilah sajak Syahredzan Johan yang dideklamasikan ketika acara UndiMsia! pada 16 September 2011. Kerana sajak ini, beliau memenangi pertandingan “Tasty Title” malam itu dan pulang ke rumah dengan trofi wok yang direbut kontestan selebriti yang lain. Sajak inilah yang menyebabkan bulu roma semua hadirin terus naik, dan beberapa orang (termasuk lelaki gagah) menangis kerana penuh emosi. Bacalah. Deklamasikan dengan semangat. Lord Bobo sangat puas sekali dengan sajak ini.

Kau kata
Kau daulat undang-undang
Kau dukung demokrasi
Kau hormat hak asasi
Kau luhur Perlembagaan ini

Tahukah engkau?
Ini bukan warkah main-main
Bukan suhuf picisan
Ini kitab suci
Ini tawarikh junjungan
Ini kontrak sosial
Kovenan pemerintah
Dan yang diperintah
Yang mengangkat rakyat menjadi raja
Merakyatkan Raja pada paksi Perlembagaan ini

Namun kau carut dan kau cabul
Kau ludah
Dan kau kencing
Kau halalkan yang haram
Dan haramkan yang halal
Kau gubah ikut tepukan dada dan selera
Bagai kau yang punya Perlembagaan ini

Tidak lagi!
Kami mahu berpesta demokrasi!
Kami mahu ke jalanan berhimpun, berarak, berdansa
Kami mahu menghirup hak yang maktub
Yang hakiki di bawah Perlembagaan ini

Kami tidak gentar
Walau dengan tomahan bacul
Walau dengan momokan khianat
Walau dengan canister gas
Walau dengan dengan meriam air
Walaupun dengan das-das peluru
Tidak, kami tidak gentar

Juang kami demi rakyat
Pedang kami hujah
Lembing kami fakta
Perisai kami keyakinan
Azimat kami Perlembagaan ini

Sudah sekian lama kau jadikan ini Perlembagaanmu
Tiba masa kami jadikannya Perlembagaanku

Friday, September 16, 2011


Hadiah yang paling baik untuk tanah air kita adalah menyertai dalam pembangunan dan penentuan keputusan sebarang pun yang berkenaan dengan masa depan Malaysia!

Satu video yang menarik dihasilkan oleh Pete Teo:

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bersih 2.0 Documentary Video (With English Subtitle)

A documentary produced by eTV and team on BERSIH 2.0 Rally, 9th July at Kuala Lumpur.

This video separated into four parts which tell the true story of Bersih 2.0 rally in different places from 9am to 5pm